My Own Little House: Drawing with Detail

Lesson planning, even in the summer… sigh.

Anyway, I came across this adorable vintage book My Own Little House by Merriman B. Kaune and knew exactly how I wanted to use it in my first grade classroom.  The story is about the author finding enjoyment in drawing houses and the text and illustrations progress with additional details as the story continues.  My Own Little House was originally a “beginning-to-read book” in 1957; however, I plan to utilize it in a lesson about adding detail to student work.  Specifically, student drawings.  The concept could also be applied to other artistic media or related to writing, etc.

I have created a video read aloud of the story to show students.  I plan to focus my lesson on how we communicate through pictures, how we interpret images differently, and how details can develop the story within a drawing.  The text and illustrations of this story are simple and powerful enough for primary children to understand (my) main points through some guided “before and after reading” questions.  I am looking forward to setting my expectations early and having a tangible lesson to reference when needed with my class.

If you are interested in the lesson plan, please click below.


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